Our services are spread across following verticals:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Transportation

Customs Clearance

We are technologically equipped with online EDI connectivity to all Customs locations via ICEGATE interface to enable round the clock filing of Bill of Entry/Shipping Bills, status tracking of Bill of Entry/Shipping Bills/Container, Custom Duty Payment. As part of Customs Clearance vertical, we provide following services to our customers.

  • Imports Clearance
  1. Clearance of all types of Cargo (including Special & Valuable)
  2. Clearance under various Export Promotion & Duty Exemption schemes viz. DEPB, DEEC, Drawback, EPCG, EOU, FPS, FMS
  3. Clearance under FTA (Free Trade Agreement)
  4. Baggage (Unaccompanied), Courier, Post-Office Clearance
  5. Customs Bonding/De-Bonding of Cargo
  6. Clearance into/out-of SEZ/FTWZ/DTA
  7. Clearance under High Seas Sales
  8. ATA Carnet Clearance
  9. Capital Goods (Second Hand)
  10. Re-Import (Repair/Replacement/Return) Clearance
  11. Project Import Clearance
  12. Duty Free Goods, Trade Samples
  • Exports Clearance
  1. Exports Shipping Bill (including Online) Filing & Clearance
  2. Under Drawback (All industry rate / brand rate) for dutiable goods
  3. Under EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods), Advance License
  4. Under DEPB (Duty Exemption Pass Book) Scheme
  5. For EOU / STP / EPZ / EHTP
  6. Re-Exports Clearance
  • Value Added Services
  1. Customs Adjudications
  2. Custom Duty Refunds
  3. Custom Bonds / Bank Guarantees
  4. Legal assistance on customs cases
  5. Consultancy / Services for Export / Import
  6. Import Licences / Export incentives 
  7. Export Promotion council jobs
  8. SVB (Special Valuation Branch), Drawback Matters
  9. Cargo Insurance
  10. Chartered Engineer Valuation Services
  11. Labelling/Re-labelling of Goods
  • Consultancy

Advise on Procedures, Taxation and Provisions related to Customs, Excise, DGFT and other related Government agencies required for hassle free clearance

Freight Forwarding

We have an established global network of shipping agents to serve our client’s needs and provide tailor made shipping solutions depending upon type of cargo and other stated requirements. We provide consolidation of your shipments at most competitive rates backed by our capable delivery expertise.

We provide following freight forwarding services:

  1. Air Freight Forwarding
  2. Ocean Freight Forwarding (FCL/LCL)
  3. Freight Insurance
  4. Customs Clearance
  5. Documentation / Customer Service Management
  6. Multimodal Transportation


We have a well-established network of transporters at all the ports served by us. We provide following transportation services related to:

  1. Door-to-Port and Port-to-Door Transportation of your cargo
  2. Arranging Special Transportation needs for handling ODC (Over-Dimensional Cargo), Special Cargo, Refrigerated Cargo
  3. Transport Equipment ranging from Van, Pickup, Mini-Truck, Large Truck, Trailers, Container, Open/Closed Top & Soft/Hard Top.